One Book, One Watertown 2018

This year’s “One Book, One Watertown” selection is Refuge by Dina Nayeri. Copies of the novel are available now at the WFPL.

“The strains and indignities that come with remaking a life are what give Refuge poignancy and relevance,”writes Jennifer Senior in the New York Times. “The world is now flooded with the displaced, and the countries best positioned to receive them are increasingly hostile.”

The library notes, “We have chosen Refuge in this time of uncertainty for immigrants in our country and around the world. The staff of the WFPL invites you to join us in celebrating the refugee (and broader immigrant) experience—the bravery and perseverance needed to overcome the obstacles of language, culture, and bureaucracy, while striving to find a feeling of belonging and home.”

You can find a complete listing of “One Book, One Watertown” events at the WFPL website, where you also have the opportunity to share your own family’s immigration experience.

Hope to see you soon at one of these great events.

Thank you Watertown!

Election night coverage from Watertown Cable Access Television

After canvassing more than 1,000 doors, talking to hundreds of voters, addressing the Democratic Town Committee, being interviewed on WCATV, attending meet-and-greets, distributing yard signs, and running my first 5k road race — on Tuesday the voters of Watertown elected me to the Library Board of Trustees!

This was my first ever campaign for public office and I could not have done it without you. Whether you knocked on doors on my behalf, posted a campaign sign in your lawn, recommended me to a neighbor, hosted a house party, or made a donation, you made this happen. Thank you.

I especially want to thank my wife, Katy. This campaign simply would not have been possible without her generous support, dedication, and encouragement. I am grateful beyond words.

Please also join me in congratulating Leanne Hammonds and Michael Hanlon, who were both elected to the board as well. I’m excited to work with them, the rest of the board, and the library leadership to ensure that the WFPL continues to play its crucial role in the life of our diverse community.


Daniel Evans Pritchard
Trustee-elect, Watertown Free Public Library

Watertown: Find your polling location!

Watertown’s election takes place next Tuesday, November 7th!

For big days like this I like to have a plan, and my plan this year is to vote early in the morning. My daughter gets me up with the sun now, so I’ll have some coffee, check the news, and then bring her with me to vote at the Hosmer School, the polling location for our precinct.

If you’re not sure where your polling location is located, you can look that up quickly and easily at the Massachusetts Secretary of State’s website.

I hope I can count on your support — but even if you aren’t planning to cast a ballot for me, don’t forget to vote.

You have a crucial part to play in our democracy.

Library Trustee writes to Watertown News in support of my election

I’m so grateful for the support of Watertown Free Public Library Trustee Carol Tierney, who recently wrote to Watertown News in support of my candidacy:

Daniel’s love of public libraries runs deep; without them, and the passion for books that they nurtured, he might never have gone to college. Today, as a professional writer, publisher, and father of a nine-month old, he understands the library’s role in sustaining a diverse and vibrant community and in shaping our children’s future.

Scenes from the campaign trail

I have had a great time talking to Watertown voters! Here are a few shots taken on the campaign trail.